The French Road Trip


Well it’s that time again after what seems to have been an age we are off on our travels again, we thought this time instead of flying we would take the car and explore France. We are going across the channel on the good old fashion ferry, we could have gone via the Chunnel but as we got an amazing deal of just £53 return with DFDS Ferries we could not go wrong. We have decided to spit our trip into two regions Gascony and the Loire Valley. we are driving some 650 miles down to the south of France with an overnight stop in Châteaurou on the way. We have found what we think are two lovely properties to rent the first is called The Cottage situated just outside a little town called Valence for a week, and the second Wisteria House is situated near a town called Aigurande in the Loire Vally. So watch this space for regular updates pictures, video clips, and soundbites of our trip

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